In recognition of the challenges and disruptions caused by the pandemic, the County of Rock understands – as well as appreciates – the collective efforts of third-party business advisors and non-profit service providers that have stepped forward during these unprecedented times to provide business support, counsel and guidance to their clients and members. These businesses/organizations include, but are not limited to: accountants, attorneys, bankers, chambers/EDO, consultants, etc.

For those businesses/organizations lending a hand with the preparation and/or actual submittal of a successful client/member Rock County COVID-19 Grant Program (CGP) application, a fee-for-service stipend – in the amount of $125.00 per applicant approved for funding – will be sent to your business/organization. To be eligible for the receipt of this CGP stipend, the business/organization must have a physical presence in Rock County or their ownership and/or principal staff must be Rock County residents; and the said staff of that business/organization must be registered as a small business advisor / non-profit service provider with the CGP and through its application portal.

To register, please watch this brief video clip; enter your contact information; and then upload a completed W-9 Taxpayer Identification Number and Certificate file attachment. Stipends will be sent upon the successful submittal and subsequent approval of a client(s)/member(s) grant application(s). The maximum number of stipends per (service provider) advisor business/organization, per a consecutive 12-month perod while the CGP is active, is capped at 100.

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