Welcome to Rock County’s Childcare, Small Business & Nonprofit Funding Portal

Thank you for visiting Rock County’s Childcare, Small Business & Nonprofit Funding Portal. The financial resources accessible from this portal represent a combination of local and federal support which have been curated and packaged for use by Rock County’s childcare provider, nonprofit and small business community. If your small business, nonprofit or childcare business was operational in Rock County between March 14, 2020 – May 11, 2023, and you’re able to document the economic losses caused by the pandemic, then please consider making an application. Since program eligibility and funding vary by program, make sure you’re entering the correct funding portal.

[NOTE: Due to rapid, as well as strong, applicant demand the Childcare Grant program is over-subscribed. Therefore, the program is currently not accepting any applications. For additional information, please contact your WECA / WESSN representative.]