As you get set to dive into the application, please be prepared to have the following information and documentation ready: COVID (financial) impact data, comparing the current year against YR 2019 - 2022 (or 2023 if applicable); federal tax returns or 990's for YR 2019 - 2022 (or 2023 if applicable); your organization's W-9, WI DFI Certificate or Aricles of Incorporation / Organization; and a copy of your valid WI driver's license. Any additional documentation that helps support your grant request is welcomed, but not required.

If these items are ready to go, then you're welcome to enter the application portal as a Guest. Please note, continuing as a Guest does not allow you to start-and-stop the application process. Therefore, any information submitted at a different time and from a different device (e.g. desktop, laptop, cell phone, tablet) will not be captured and you will need to start the entire application process from the beginning.

If you wish to reserve the opportunity to start-and-stop your application submittal, then please Create an Account. Otherwise, if you're ready to forge ahead Continue as a Guest.

Continue as Guest)

Realizing that your schedule is extremely busy, and tracking down the below required data /  information might not necessarily be at your fingertips, you are strongly encouraged to Create an Account. By Creating an Account, you are able to start-and-stop and then re-save your application (as many times as necessary) until you're ready to formally submit it. For example, if you start your application on a Monday evening from a computer at the public library, and then revisit it over the weekend from your cell phone, all of your information will be saved. Not only does Creating an Account enable you to revisit your application multiple times before final submittal, it also allows you to use different electronic devices while preparing your final application submittal.

NOTE: These are the types of information and materials that you will need to provide when submitting your application: COVID (financial) impact data, comparing the current year against YR 2019 - 2022; federal tax returns or 990's for YR 2019 - 2022; your organization's W-9, WI BRT and DFI Certificates; and a copy of your WI driver's license. Although not required, you are welcome to supply other documentation that helps support your grant request, as well.